Our favorite projects are in the Financial technology (fintech) space. Our research for Pennyfeather took us around the globe and presented a crash course in the experience economy, banking and the future of wealth management.


THE PROBLEM: A stark reality

The financial industry is in a moment of peril.

Advances in financial technology have dramatically altered the global banking landscape.

While the majority of these ventures have targeted retail banking, wealth management (a more than $7 trillion dollar industry) is primed for a massive disruption.

Pennyfeather will be at the avant-garde of this disruption—pushing the digital revolution in wealth management into a multi-faceted experience.


The Opportunity: An underserved audience

We identified two key markets for Pennyfeather. These include the Millennial Inheritors (18–35 years old with $5–20 million in investible assets) and the New Wealth Builders (22–40 years old with at least $250,000 in annual income).

Millennial Inheritors will be the beneficiaries of the greatest wealth transfer in history, representing over $30 trillion (The BBC termed this the “Inheritance Boom”. Luckily, we also discovered that they have virtually no loyalty to their beneficiary’s institution (reassuring news for the upstart).

According to The Economist, New Wealth Builders (22–40 years old with at least $250,000 in annual income) are the fastest growing wealth segment in the world. Even Goldman Sachs wants a part of this action.

As services, like goods before them, increasingly become commoditized—think of long-distance telephone services sold solely on price—experiences have emerged as the next step in what we call the progression of economic value.
— Harvard Business Review


Our research took us around the world. We talked with some very interesting people and emerged with some very interesting insights.

Millennial Inheritors and New Wealth Builders want to interact with wealth in a different way, self-serve in a different way, and learn from peers in a different way.

We concluded that the future of wealth management is an active engagement that marries a community of peers, trusted resources, and relevant financial advice offered through both an elegant and unparalleled physical experience and a seamless and delightful digital experience.

All this sums up into a flawless, unparalleled experience that finds a place into every aspect of our client’s lives.



In real life, Pennyfeather features a world-wide roster of unique locations—existing somewhere between Boodle’s, Soho House, and Grigott’s Wizard Bank (Our constellation of connections knows no boundaries).

These are spaces to connect, to discuss finances, to simply relax. Gallery and museum partnerships provide art in a salon-style setting. Luminaries are invites to speak at cocktail hours and master teas.

Like a good rug, the paired digital experience ties everything together. Today, wealth management lacks the novel and easeful digital experience that is easily available to millennials in all other aspects of their lives.

A mobile-first experience, Pennyfeather digital offers a stripped down list of features (checking balances, light trading, transferring funds) and that is designed to harness the web of a user’s financial and banking apps in a centralized location (think of a more personal Betterment + Robinhood for the wealth management space).

We are in a period of the greatest migration of wealth in US history. As Baby Boomers (1946–1964) enter retirement, they are transitioning from accumulation to divestment, and moving money across generations. This shift is a force reshaping the wealth management agenda and is expected to unfold over more than three decades.
— State street global advisors



We glimpsed behind the curtain of the elegant and clandestine world of private clubs with our self-initiated Sesame project. Our challenge was to bring this deliberately obscured realm into the digital landscape without removing any of the charm.


We had the opportunity to support McDonald’s to design a conference communications platform to build connectivity within the iconic restaurant chain’s network of employees, franchisees, and partners.